A great big house party for up to ~200

Your wedding reception at Temple House is supposed to be a great big house party – a very special party. It is unusual and deliberately different. You seek an elegant alternative to the regular hotel receptions and a relaxed house party style reception appeals.

All the elements that you require can be included but in an easy laid back way.

A wonderful country house with terraced gardens that sweep down to the lakeside castle of the Knights Templar.

The Reveal – how the party flows is very important. We are so lucky to have the space and setting to reveal one element of the party at a time, keeping it fresh and fun the entire day.

The Ceremony has several options


is sipped beneath the 32ft ornate vestibule ceiling or in the sunny garden.


are enjoyed in the garden, the Vestibule or Dining room allowing us to offer 3 options for the Wedding Breakfast.

16-160: sit down (120 in one room)

Your guests are seated in either in the dining room and/or in the old drawing room. 120 in one room and 42 in the others. Don’t forget that you’ve done the speeches already. More guests can join the after party for dancing too if you wish. We do the catering and it’s fabulous. (2 day rental)
Country House wedding

20-200: a Country House buffet

You have more than 120-150 guests and Temple House is shortlisted! You love this venue and ‘get’ the idea of a buffet style do, into which we weave the speeches, then no marquee is required. We do the catering and it is all a great deal simpler and less costly. You will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Big House Party throughout the day. (2 day rental)

Country House buufet for up to 200

160-250 sit-down in a Marquee

So you really need to seat more than 120 in one room and can’t get your head around 120 + 42 seated. A buffet won’t do it for you so therefore enjoy the grandeur of the house first and then move through to a marquee to sit down for dinner and dancing.

We have worked with www.marqueesolutions.ie and www.classic-marquees.ie . Costs will vary because there are so many options to consider. (up 8 days rental venue fee due to the set up and take down)


The Fee

A 2 day package is €4,750 for the exclusive wedding venue and 2 nights B&B for 14. You then just add food and drink to our bill. There is no extra charge if you hold the ceremony here. This includes bar set up and a tasting for 2. Food and drink costs are here



It is your day so we prefer that you plan your own flowers and decoration. That way every celebration is different. We do have some candles, lanterns etc to which you may add your own touch.

And the band begins to play

The flow continues. Following a delicious meal everybody migrates to the newly refurbished wing. You’ve a ball room, a gallery with bar and a quiet room all focussed on having a good time.

Dance Wedding Band


Have you considered fireworks? They are truly spectacular down by the castle. www.painsfireworks.com


A survivors’ party

on day 3 is becoming increasingly popular.  We often do a buffet/brunch too which is less weather dependent. pig on spit