If you are looking at a sit-down for more than 140 guests then it does indeed mean a marquee. However if you like the idea of a buffet style do, into which we weave the speeches then no marquee is required, we do the catering and it is all a great deal simpler and less costly. You will want to create a unique experience for your guests with good food & wine and a special ambiance. We would like to help you do that as best we can.

So you really need to seat more than 140: Enjoy the grandeur of the house first and then move through to the garden to sit down for dinner and dancing.You can also see how well a marquee complements the house tucked up against the drawing room French doors overlooking the castle and lake – quite beautiful.

There is an enormous choice of marquee companies that come to mind. www.marqueesolutions.ie is local and therefore likely to be competitive. www.classic-marquees.ie from Tuam are very slick and well worth contacting. We cannot give you costs because there are so many options for you to consider with marquees, all of which carry a different price tag. However you should note that the venue fee for a marquee will mount because you will need to take the place for up to 8 days due to the set up and take down.


So here is another gentle reminder that you can have a buffet style house party at Temple House for big numbers without the need for a costly marquee. It is a fun and relaxed party too.