The Canadian Canoe is a safe and stable craft suitable for a wide range of ages and fitness levels.  The canoes are designed to take two people safely.  We aim to have all sorts of people enjoy this fun, safe canoeing experience.
With a minimum of tuition, from Graham your guide, Canadian canoeing gives the paddler a fresh perspective on nature, their surroundings and themselves. From your gently drifting canoe you will see wonders like crannogs, a ring fort, a Knights Templar castle. This is an environmentally friendly activity, where you take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but ripples.

Explore the mysteries of Temple House lake from a unique perspective, you will see crannogs, a ring fort and the Knights Templar Castle. Cruise gently along taking photos and leaving only ripples. Dock at Temple House boathouse guided by the Herons, kingfishers, ducks and swans.

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  • all equipment is provided
  • all tours are guided
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