A testimonial

Fishing on Temple House Lake

We are regular visitors to Ireland and are in the fortunate position to come over for fishing twice every year.

On our fishing trips, I am always accompanied by my middle son who, like me, is very keen at fishing. Over the last fifteen years, we have fished Temple House Lake and its connecting rivers, in particular for pike. The visits to Temple House (owners: Roderick and Helena Perceval) are among the very best experiences in my life. Fishing on the lake has always been very productive for us. For pike, we mainly practise trawling with artificial lures. Catching about 20 pike per day has been no exception, with several of these weighting between 10 and 20 lbs. The biggest pike we ever caught in the Temple House waters was 36 lbs. A photograph of my son with that “monster” is on display in the entrance hall of the mansion. By principle, we practise catch and release of all our fish.

During recent years, we noticed that too many misbehaving persons were fishing the Owenmore River (running through the Temple House Lake Lake). Indeed, a lot of garbage can be seen outside of the estate grounds; on those shores of the River that have public access. Around these places, skeletons of slaughtered fish are present all over. What a terrible behaviour of these fishermen! Luckily, the grounds belonging to the Temple House estate have signs put up, saying that fishing behaviour as indicated above is not tolerated. These signs seem to work well, as we noticed that the estate grounds were clean.

A relevant question for us was whether the fishing for pike in the Temple House waters might have suffered from what I have described above. Early May 2013 and 2014, we came back to the place and fished as before with artificial lures. We were very pleased to experience that we were as successful as ever. In May 2013, we had 25 pike on the single day that we fished here and this year (2014) we caught 22 of them (in one day). As before, we hooked several pike between 10 and 20 lbs.

Clearly, in our experience, fishing for pike in the Temple House waters is as good and as enjoyable as in the previous 15 years that we had the opportunity to fish here. In the years to follow, we will certainly come back to this magnificent place to fish for pike!

Sierd and Jan Willem Bron

Netherlands. 2014